No Tryouts. No Cuts. No Bench.

Everybody Rides.

Welcome to the Ohio Mountain Bike League

Singletrack High

We know of no better way to introduce riders to a NICA League than having you watch “Singletrack High”

Wondering what it's like to ride in the league?

Common Questions

The league is for middle school and high school students. Girls and boys.  Tall and short. Fast and … not yet fast.

No! There are no tryouts, no cuts & no bench.  Everyone who wants to ride is on the team and participates in races (if you want to).

Riders can participate as individuals if there isn’t a nearby team. You may also join a “Composite Team” or eventually have a team just in your school.

There are separate race categories for girls & boys, junior high, freshman, JV and Varsity.

Yes, you’ll have fun! It’s not always about being the fastest. Your Coach’s #1 priority is to make practices and races fun.

Races can be held anywhere in the state.  We have a group that works hard to find the best locations for fun, challenging races. 

Well, we want your favorite grown up to contact us so we can get everyone connected to get a team together for you! See that red button over there with a white envelope in it?  Click there.

We’re connecting riders, coaches & sponsors from different parts of the state to get organized.  Use the Contact Us buttons to send us a message and get started.

Join a Team

Find your Crew

Most riders in the league find that their teammates become some of their very best friends. You’ll find people just like you and have a lot of fun along the way.

Practice Hard

Team Training

You’ll train with your team, get in better shape and learn new skills on the bike.  Your Coach will help you become a better rider and get to the next level!

Shred til yer ded

Everyone has a chance to race

Whether your goal is to podium or just finish, Race Day is a special chance to bring all your hard work together! 

Are you ready to ride with us?

Let's do this.

Let's connect

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